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Since the middle of the twentieth century, most place-branding has been synonymous with product branding. It is often ridiculously expensive to market a place as though it were a product, and such an approach mostly benefits the advertising agencies, not the place or its people.

Our understanding of ‘place-branding’ is not a marketing or advertising campaign.  While one of Brand Tasmania’s statutory functions relates to promotional and marketing activities, you won’t see us trying to “sell” Tasmania: Tasmanians and Tasmania can’t be packaged and marketed like a tube of toothpaste. From our point of view, the power of place-branding lies firmly in the ability to provide a unifying cultural expression and strategy.

Place-branding strategies around the world have gone through a significant shift over the past ten to twenty years.  While it is still about image and reputation, it is not a blend of logos, slogans, labels, taglines, and colour palettes. Increasingly, contemporary place-branding is about feelings, emotions, and community action.

While it is not wrong to describe Tasmania as “clean and green” it is a motto we share with other places such as New Zealand, Punjab and Costa Rica, along with businesses and city councils all over the world. Evolving our place-brand in this new statutory authority has meant adding important missing elements: the Tasmanian people and their values, what makes them different, and what they want to achieve together.

But this is not about relentlessly driving uniformity either. Rather, the Tasmanian brand accommodates different expressions, while advocating for a unifying sense of purpose that can be shared by all – an overarching narrative developed through focussed cooperation between the community, businesses and government.